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Dental Emergency

We can save you during emergencies

Our clinic understands the importance of taking care of our clients especially during an emergency. Here in Plano, our clinic is highly prepared to immediately assist you when you arrive, with a high quality treatment.

If there is an occurrence outside of our normal office hours, there is always a way to contact us 24/7. Once an emergency occurs and before you get to the dentist, there are a couple things you can do to manage dental emergencies:

Knocked Out Tooth 

In case of a knock out tooth, there is a chance to save it if you take the right steps. First, clean the teeth with warm water, without the use of any soup. During the cleaning, please only touch the tooth part while staying away from the roots. After cleaning, attempt to put the tooth back into the socket. If teeth does not easily slip back to its socket, keep the tooth inside a cup of water or milk. While you are handling the tooth, please have yourself or someone else call our office, there is a high possibility that it can be saved.

Broken, Fractured or Broken Teeth

To reduce any swelling, use a cold compress. In regards to the broken piece of the tooth, please rinse it with warm and clean water, safely secure it in a clean place and give us a call, we will handle the situation from there.

Loose Teeth

It is common for children’s teeth to be loose and it is safe to attempt its removal at home. However, getting it professionally done will prevent any harms to the child’s gum or mouth. If you have an adult tooth that is loose, please do not try and remove this at home. Call our office and we will professionally remove the tooth and supply you with options for replacement.


Toothaches and tooth discomfort are very serious symptoms, so if you recently went through some dental procedure and you are feeling these symptoms, contact us so we can find out the true causation of the pain.

Bitten Tongue or Lip 

In case of biting lip or tongue and it starts to bleed, be sure to clean it gently with fresh water and put a cold compress on it to help manage possible swelling. If the situation worsens, please call our office.

Debris Caught Between Teeth

If you get something stuck between your teeth and cannot get it out after flossing, call our office and we will help you remove the item.

We are highly prepared to treat all dental emergencies you might experience. Convenient and proficient, our clinic treats members of the family of all ages! Come visit us in Plano!