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Advice on Maintaining Healthy Teeth During Easter


Another holiday is upon us, bringing all the Halloween memories back, just this time, in a much brighter light… we call it Easter! There is no point on advising against keeping candy away from the children, because that just won’t happen, but moderation is highly recommended.

Typically, dentists are completely against sugar, because it is one of the causes for the formation of decay and cavities. Therefore, knowing that most candies have a high concentration of sugar, we ask patients to completely avoid it or at least be moderate. Some have a higher impact on the teeth’s health than others, depending on the levels of sugar contained.

We have separated out  the top three worst kinds of candies for teeth. Try to avoid these candies, especially that around now you are preparing for egg hunts, and replace them with better alternatives for the teeth.

  1. Sticky Candy – Candies that have a sticky texture to them tend to get stuck in places that are hard to reach on the teeth, permitting sugar to linger for a long time and increasing the chances for bacteria form concentrated in that area. Some examples are taffy, caramels, and gummies.
  2. Sour Candy – To make sour candy, the industry uses an extremely high amount of acid. Acid is considered unhealthy, because it erodes the enamel, which protects teeth from bacteria invading the tooth and creating cavity. The goal is to preserve the enamel we have to ensure the most protection we can get.

    Sour Candy

  3. Rock Hard Candy – Hard candy takes a while to eat, leaving the teeth vulnerable to sugar for a very long time. Whenever eating candy, we have to think about that the more our teeth is exposed to sugar, the more chance we have in acquiring decay, cavities, and a future with fillings or other dental treatments, for example, lollipops.

    This list is scary, because it prohibits almost all of the good candy. However, there are some which aren’t unhealthy for your teeth! Are you addicted to candy, but doesn’t know what is a good substitute?

  1. Hollow Dark Chocolates – They have lower calories and lower exposure to sugar. Pick dark over milk chocolate, and live a happier and safer life!
  2. Sugar-Free Snacks- Since sugar is what usually makes the candy unhealthy, search for sugar-free options to replace some of the heavy-sugary snacks.

It’s impossible to simply avoid it, but it’s important to at least limit the three worst candies. After eating them, to ensure any further problems, always brush your teeth and floss. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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