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Is Chewing Gum Good or Bad for You?

If you are a big gum chewer, we all know that sugar can really be bad for your health. However, there is one way you can benefit your health while chewing gum: SUGARLESS GUM.

Studies have shown that chewing gum for a time period of 20 minutes subsequently after eating meals can help out your teeth.

How does it happen?

Chewing gum, in general, speeds up the flow of saliva inside the mouth, which helps neutralize the acidic environment that could be potentially created by bacteria, cleanses various leftover foods and other types of debris, and provides beneficial substances that have the power to fight certain diseases.

Saliva is filled with phosphate and calcium minerals that further strengthens your tooth enamel, which is the outer layer of your teeth.

How do I know if the gum I am buying is sugarless?

ADA SEAL!!! Every gum that has ADA seal means the gum has passed all requirements of effectiveness and safety of being sugarless and beneficial for your health.

These gums are still sweet, but they are sweetened through a special process. They are composed by sweeteners that actually prevent a cavity.

Regular gum does increase saliva flow as well, but it is a health risk benefactor due to its contents of sugar. The sugar in it serves to feed the bacteria existent in the mouth, which release acidic content that eventually leads to tooth decay.

Don’t forget the rest

Just because sugarless gum is advantageous to your health, it does not mean you should forget your other two best friends: the toothbrush and the flossing. Gum has limited power and it only serves as an aiding agent to the powers of fluoride against plaque and debris found in between your teeth.

Keep up with the brushing, flossing, and chewing!


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