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4 Tips to Keep a Good Oral Health as You Get Older


Dental hygiene and oral care habits always need to be priorities, no matter the age. As you get older, however, you might have yourself wondering if your personal dental routine needs some changes or if some life changes caused your mouth to change as well. Doesn’t matter if you possess all of your original teeth, some, or a full set of dentures, meticulously taking care of your mouth is just as important now than when you were a kid with colorful toothbrushes.

1.Fluoride remains important

Fluoride is for everyone, not just for children. Fluoride is still an important protector to the surface of your teeth and keeps decay away. The Mayo Clinic stated that older individuals tend to have an increased susceptibility for cavities, emphasizing on the need of fluoride.

Continue brushing your teeth twice a day, with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Maximize all sources of fluoride, even tap water that is fluoridated can benefit you against the cavity fight as you get older. Your dentist can also give a fluoride treatment on your next trip to your dentist to add even more protection if you are worried about fighting those cavities that might have popped up over the years

2. Dry Mouth Warning

The issue of dry mouth has no direct association with age, but so many regular medications and chronic condition can cause or increase the risk for dry mouth, along with cavities or decay. Dry mouth can also affect the fitting of dentures, with the possibility of causing chafing between dentures and gums.

If you already suffer from dry mouth, there are many things you can do to improve the situation. There are many moisturizing types of mouthwash and sprays, sugar-free gum, or even treatments that your dentist can help you directly with

3. Take care of your dentures

According to the American College of Periodontists, more than 178 million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth. If you fit within this category, it’s vital to not forget to take appropriate case of the dentures as if they were real teeth.

Using proper toothpaste for dentures and cleaning them on a daily basis are simple steps to keep them the maximally cleaned up. Buy a soft-bristled and brush the gums and tongue every day, too, are important steps to remove bacteria and food particles remained in the mouth.

Your dentist is the fittest person to specifically guide you on properly taking care and cleaning your dentures, so consult them for the proper instructions

4. Pay attention to Gum Disease

Dentures or not, gum disease continues to be a huge concern among the older population. According to studies published in the Journal of Dental Research, nearly 64 percent of adults over 65 had moderate or severe cases of periodontics in 2009 and 2010.

Checking up with a dentist regularly can prevent it or treat gum disease quickly. Don’t allow gum disease be one of the costs or hassles of getting older.

An attractive smile looks good with any age. Continuation of good hygiene habits, regular dentist visits, and adapting your personal routine to body changes will assist you in keeping a healthy smile for life.

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